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What is Free Time on the GO?

Are you planning a wedding in the Michiana area and want to add that special feature that will make your reception stand out from the rest? Are you having a get together at your house, but many can't attend because of a lack in a trusted sitter? Are you a business who is planning a corporate event and know the difficulty, and cost, associated with each family finding care for their children during this event? Then have Free Time Kids Playcare come to you! That's right, FTKP can bring our expertise to your next event!

Off-site, event childcare in Mishawaka, South Bend, Granger and surrounding areas!

Please see the FAQ for more information

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 “Denise and her team were a delight to work with. They provided top-notch care for children of our conference attendees at off-site locations. They kept the children engaged in activities and we received great feedback from both the parents and kiddos about the services they provided. Denise was very responsive in the planning phases and was very easy to work with. I highly recommend the staff at Free Time Kids Playcare for any of your on- or off-site child care needs.”   

Director of Marketing and Development

St. Joseph County Airport Authority

South Bend International Airport

"Thank you again for your support and for making the children's experience so great! It really had a significant impact on the Marines and families being able to attend the briefs and know that their children were in good hands."

 Regimental Family Readiness Officer
Combat Logistics 

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FAQ - Free Time on the GO

What is the Cost?

The cost depends on the number of children, the location, date and time, theme, and what services are needed. We can do small parties, where we provide our expertise and childcare with basic games and crafts, we can cater to a large event, where themes are selected and off-site trips are planned, or we can do everything in between. Please fill out the above form with as much information as you can and someone will get back to you.

What is the minimum number of children for this service?

8 children, or the payment equivalent to 8 children is requested.

How does it work?

You provide the space (banquet room, basement, etc.) we provide the expertise and entertainment! 

Once you book our services, we get to planning. Based on the ages of the children and the theme requested, we plan the crafts and games. As the event date gets closer, we will meet up with you to view the space. This meeting is necessary to ensure the safety of the children and for FTKP staff to see what additional precautionary items are needed (outlet covers, etc.). 

Do you separate by age?

Depending on the number of children, their ages, and the space provided, we try and divide the groups up by small kid and big kid. 

Will my teen child be allowed to leave?

We DO NOT allow any child to leave our room without a parent/guardian or authorized individual picking up. This is for the safety of the child. Please NO exceptions to this. 

How do you ensure the safety of my child?

Safety has always been FTKP's TOP priority. We carry this safety over to our Free Time on the GO services as well.  We utilize a sign in/out process, parents/guardians MUST show a picture id at pick-up, we utilize digital pictures for physical identification, each child must wear a name tag and wrist band. All children are carefully monitored throughout our service and we follow the Indiana Child Care staff-to-child ratio guidelines.  

What are your ratios?

We follow the Indiana State Child Care child-to-staff ratios as follows, however we have additional staff based on the venue, length of time, and activities requested to ensure the safety of the children:

Infant 4:1 

Toddler 5:1 

2 years 5:1 

30-36 months 7:1 

3 years 10:1 

4 years 12:1 

5 years/Kindergarten 15:1 

1 st Grade and Above 20:1 

My child has an allergy. What precautions do you take?

All children with an allergy will be put in a red wristband. This flags staff of the allergy. The allergies are written on the band and should be included on the Registration Form the parents fill out. When it's a meal time, we separate all individuals with allergies from the others when necessary.

Are staff qualified?

Absolutely! We utilize our FTKP staff. These staff have all had a criminal background check, including fingerprinting and have experience working with children. We ALWAYS ensure there is at least one staff that is CPR certified and trained in first aid on site; most of the time, we have multiple.

What ages do you care for?

For our off-site childcare, we care for children 6 weeks to 17 years of age. 

If we have planned trips outside of the venue, can your staff provide care during this as well?

Absolutely! We do have additional waivers that will need filled out by each parent, but yes, we can accompany children on a planned trip outside of the venue!

What are the themes that can be added?

Pirates of the 'event name', Fairy Tales, Wild Wild West, Super Hero/Shero, Magic Quest, Mad Scientist, To Infinity & Beyond (Space), Seussville, Olympian Kids, Beach Getaway & Art Mania! Every event we provide service to is catered to your needs. If you don't see a theme you like, we can accommodate you on providing a custom one!