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What is FTKP's ECL Program?

FTKP's Early Child Learning program provides children (ages 2-4) an opportunity to learn and increase their social, cognitive, emotional, language and self-help skills, all while broadening their creativity. We offer Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Play-Way and Waldorf inspired learning methods and activities in a co-learning, multi-age setting. Children are provided with a portfolio at the end of their session to commemorate their successes. FTKP's ECL Program is a great introductory program to a learning environment. With short sessions and multiple learning styles, you're child won't even realize they are learning! 

A preschool prep for Mishawaka, Granger, South Bend and surrounding areas!

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Want to register your child?

If you are already a registered FTKP family, please call 574-204-2677 to enroll your child. Payment is due upon registration. 

If you are NOT a registered FTKP family, please fill out our Registration Form

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Learning Methods

Reggio Emilia

This method encourages children to explore, with the teachers guiding them during this exploration. This is a project-based approach, where lessons are based on the child's interest.  


This philosophy uses mixed-age groups for their learning experience. The older kids are role models for the younger children. All kids learn at their own pace.  


This method is play-based; where all learning is done through play. The Play-Way method believes that education should be fun and not forced.  


This approach takes a bit of the above methods. With mixed-age groups and a play-based learning, Waldorf's education teaches kids how to think, instead of what to think.  

Why FTKP for ECL?

Multiple Learning Methods

We use multiple learning methods to accommodate a variety of personalities. We also embrace having mixed-age groups at different levels of learning. 

Short Days

Are you not ready to enroll your child in a full or half day program yet? We understand! We have short learning days, with the option for additional socialization time if desired. This is perfect for your little one to get acclimated to a drop-off setting.

NO Paying for Missed Days

We allot makeup days for those missed! For every day missed, we allot a makeup day to be used within that month or the following registered month. 

NO Long-Term Commitments

There are no long-term commitments; you can sign-up and stop any month, without any fees!

Small Group Sizes

We have small groups & a fun atmosphere! This allows for more one-on-one and personalized time.

FAQ - Early Child Learning

What is the Cost?

2 days/week $120 monthly (like paying $7.50/hr or $15/day)

3 days/week $168 monthly (like paying $7.00/hr or $14/day)  

4 days/week $208 monthly (like paying $6.50/hr or $13/day) 

Socialization Exploration Pass:
15 hours for $90 ($6.00/hr)* 

What are the Days?

Tuesday-Friday. You pick the days of the week based on the package you sign up for. Example, if you sign up for 3 days/week, you can chose any 3 days in the week. You may also switch those days by week, i.e. Tue, Wed, Thu one week, then the next Tue, Wed, Fri. This gives you the flexibility you deserve!

What is the Socialization Exploration Pass?

*The Socialization Exploration Pass gives your child the opportunity to socialize and play beyond class, and gives you more Free Time! Your child MUST be enrolled in ECL during that month to use the pass and only one pass per month can be purchased. The pass hours expire at the end of the class month and must be used directly prior or following the ECL class. If you'd like further hours, please look into our package options.

Do I have to be a Member?

Yes! To utilize our ECL program, your child must be an active Member. If you'd like to try our program first, please let us know and we'll include your child in one of our classes (normal drop-in rates apply). 

What are the times?

9-11 AM. You may arrive 5 minutes prior; any time prior to that or after 11 AM will be billed at our normal drop-in rates, or pull from the Socialization Exploration Pass or Package if one was purchased.

How does the billing work?

After the first enrolled month, if you'd like to continue, all sessions will be on Auto-Pay. Auto-Pay will be on the 28th of each month (or business day prior if the 28th falls on a weekend). If you'd like to disenroll your child or make a change, please notify us by the 14th; otherwise a $10 convenience fee will be applied.

If you signed up mid-month and would like to continue past the first month, your second billing will include the additional days to get you to the next billing cycle. Example, you signed up on the 14th for 2 days/week, your second billing will be $180 ($120 for the 2 days/week for a month & $60 for the 2 weeks until that billing cycle). 

Please see below for the Auto-Pay Authorization Form and for the Payment Schedule.